United Arab Emirates

Dubai: More than you can dream

Enjoying the life-sized aquarium in the Dubai MallDubai is a city that draws millions upon millions of visitors each year, and it's no wonder why. The city, once a tiny, slightly desolate port of call for traders in the region, today is one of the world's most important global cities. The place dazzles like a glittering diamond in the desert, radiating charm, beauty and mystery in a rainbow of colours, all greeting you from the moment you step off the plane. Imagine turquoise blue waters with palm trees swaying softly in the breeze on a hot day. Picture warm nights spent on the edge of the Arabian Desert, admiring the endless splendour this destination has to offer, something to suit every visitor's taste. While planning my trip I was told by many that a visit here would not disappoint; they couldn't have been more spot on. This city is nothing short of breathtaking.

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 Full name: United Arab Emirates

 Population: 5.31 million (CIA, 2012)

 Capital: Abu Dhabi

 Largest city: Dubai

 Area: 83,600 sq.km. (32,278 sq. mi.)

 Major languages: Arabic, Persian, English,  Hindi, Urdu

see  Major religions: Islam, Other

 Monetary unit: Emirati Dirham

go here  GDP per capita: US $48,500

 Internet domain: .ae

enter  International dialling code: +971

follow link  Source: CIA World Factbook