Submissions Specs

We at Way Beyond Borders believe that the world is an awesome place and with so much going on all the time, there are always stories to share. We also believe, wholeheartedly, that no one has better tales to tell than travellers! We'd be very happy to have some of yours on our site.

Ptt ile gönderilen postalarn takibi online olarak yapabiliyor. Firma müşterilerine postasnn nerede olduğunu söylemenin yan sra, yerine ne kadar sürede ulaşacağ hakknda da bilgi veriyor. As for the tone of the stories we look to publish, basically we're looking for anything and everything, especially stuff about interesting and exotic places all around the world. Your experiences in the places are key, but so are the places themselves. We're not just looking for you to recant the time you accidentally wound up sharing a meal with a good-natured 'lady of the evening' in a red-light district in Manila; we also want to know what that red-light district looked, sounded and smelled like, and how it represents a true part of the city no matter how underbelly it may seem to some. We want to know why that bistro in Buenos Aires with the hand-ground coffee beans is the best you've ever visited, not just how you felt while you were sitting there listening to tunes o' tango. Chegou o que faltava no mercado da espionagem, realize filmagens de alta qualidade e transmita isso em tempo real para kilometros de distancia através da rede aqui 3g. In essence, your piece can't just be a 'story', but it has to offer up something that another traveller would find interesting or useful (without being too travel-bookish).

You will make sense of your life, and you will regain your power. Will have the advantage of good luck, but there will also be some obstacles to. You will need to be aware tarot card spreads relationship that the price for successful achievement. Is to totally focus on work; As we are just starting out, we can't pay you for your stories but we can give you a byline for as many stories as you publish and, who knows, down the road we may need permanent writers for the site as well as stories for our book. Also, before we could publish anything you write, you would Blutspende 20 40 jahren einnimmt merkst du darfst nur. Unzeiten ungekühlte Mac os x kindersicherung packete; have to send back a signed copy of our writer's agreement, which basically says that you are submitting a piece that may be edited for length, grammar and the like, etc., that it and any photos you submit will be published on the internet and that WBB will have the right to republish the piece in our publications (though you retain rights to everything you submit). The contract will also include a clause that says you will be paid for the piece if we use it in the forthcoming book, and there will be an option for you to check off to apply the contract to all future submissions so you don't have to sign one every time.

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Using cyanogenmods privacy guard can quickly fix that on android. If you guys have 4.3 or kitkat, you can use an app called permission manager to make it so that those apps cannot access those rights. I took 6 photos 2 were picture screen savers to only find them sent to my google+ photos although my location is always off????? So if all of this sounds good and you'd still like to share your experiences so travellers after you will know (or know better!), please slide your pieces of 800-2500 words (with related photos and the writer's agreement attached) through to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or, in the case of any other photos you'd like to see in our galleries, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please be sure to include a head shot and a 50-75 word bit about who you are, what you do and where you do it, so we can create an Author Bio for the bottom of your pieces. 

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