Nestled cosily in the eastern corner of Europe, Romania appeals to a variety of travellers, from history buffs wanting to see firsthand the remnants of post-communist Europe to spillover students off the Shoestring party circuit, from nature enthusiasts wanting to hike the picturesque Carpathian wilderness to stray vampires hoping to sink their teeth into the fleshy heart of Transylvania. Horses and cars share the road here, and the atmospheric central towns of Brasov, Sighisoara, Sibiu and student-mecca Cluj-Napoca are where most travellers will want to spend the majority of their time. Indulge in the cheap and hearty stews and soups, the robust red wines and the late night post-dinner strolls through foggy cobblestone Saxon streets. Take advantage of the affordable well connected railway system, dispel the stereotypes and get to know some Roma-gypsy people personally, and, despite its cheesiness, don’t neglect to stop in at Bran Castle and buy an authentic “Vlad the Impaler” T-shirt to flaunt to your mortal friends back home.~ Julia Totino


source link  Full name: Romania

 Population: 21.8 million (CIA, 2012)

 Capital: Bucharest

 Largest city: Bucharest

 Area: 238,391 (92,043.3 sq. mi.)

follow link  Major languages: Romanian, Hungarian, Romany, Other

 Major religions: Eastern Orthodox, Protestant, Roman Catholic, Other

 Monetary unit: Leu

 GDP per capita: US $12,300

 Internet domain: .ro

 International dialling code: +40

 Source: CIA World Factbook