Heading the list of conductors in motion internationally during the year were kurt masur, who was tapped as principal conductor of the london philharmonic orchestra but agreed to continue as music director of the new york philharmonic orchestra ( see biographies ( masur, kurt )); Sir simon rattle, who was elected by the orchestra members to succeed claudio abbado as music director of the berlin philharmonic;  Full name: Republic of Mali

How can this idea be click the following article made better?  Population: 14.53 million (CIA, 2012)

All the tracked information is gathered via the icloud backup and sent directly to your control panel. The icloud mobile tracker is an option provided by pumpic as a part of the premium subscription plan. It lets you monitor 11 activities with even more opportunities to come soon.  Capital: Bamako

 Largest city: Bamako

 Area: 1.24 million (94,926 sq. mi.)

 Major languages: French, Bambara,  Numerous African Languages

 Major religions: Muslim, Christian,  Indigenous Beliefs

 Monetary unit: CFA Franc

 GDP per capita: US $1,300

 Internet domain: .ml

 International dialling code: +223

 Source: CIA World Factbook