Europe Photo of the Week

Europe Photo of the Week

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Кроме того, карты дадут совет, как вам лучше поступить по поводу нового знакомства. Совместимость гороскопов строится по данным двух людей. Если вы желаете заглянуть в будущее каких-либо отношений, то в этом вам помогут астрологи-профессионалы. This amazing image of Cinque Terre, Italy is the official winner for Europe this week, and it is no wonder why. It's not only the wonderfully plotted buildings that are precariously balanced on the cliffs overlooking the bluest of blue waters. It's also the way it portrays this part of Italy's coast, as well as the view it tantalizes us with...what must the rest of the place look like! It also reflects rather well that the hike through this part of Italy may be a bit of a trek, but the reward is worth the effort indeed. Thanks Megan! 

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